Recruitment is not all we do...

Alongside sourcing great candidates, we support businesses grow their existing talent for growth and retention


In todays super fast market, employees have to be up to speed with their competition quick. Adding value in todays markets is key. There is no time for hanging around whilst competitors sail past.  Equally once up to speed, you have to stay ahead in the game and train to retain.

Over the last 3 decades we have hand picked a network of associates, all of whom are highly regarded and excel in their particular FMCG disciplines to deliver bespoke structured packages for individuals and teams. So these are not trainers  who will train you, but experienced, seasoned FMCG specialist with decades of experience they share with your teams to enable the delivery of profitable growth to your business. Retaining your knowledge for longer increase the power of a team in the market. Therefore consider training an investment in retaining you human capital.  It beats spending another recruitment fee!

So if you are looking to develop a new member of staff who is on boarding at a critical time and requires that extra piece of hand holding to get up to speed, such as how to use excel effectively through to creating a winning support culture in your business the we should talk.

Our programs are designed and tailored to fit with your needs in mind and have been shown to increase both staff moral and profitability:  Some of our core programs include those that focus upon:

  • Assertive Negotiation
  • GSCOP – what it is
  • Compelling Sales
  • Category Management
  • Commercial Management
  • Customer Management
  • Powerful Presentations
  • Project Management
  • Price Increase Execution

So when you think -  where am I going to find the time to take this team forward, before they resign, call Paul Nyman Consultancy on 01924 332 100 or



“I was delighted by our decision to arrange sales negotiation & GSCOP training through Paul Nyman. The trainer, was very well received by the team of mixed experience Account Managers, and made it a very engaging & participative 2 day session and came across as fun, friendly, and very credible & authoritative. What was notable as an outcome immediately was the uplifted spirits and energy levels of the team, they truly valued the investment we made in them. The most quantifiable result though was the improvements made through their new found confidence in securing subsequent deals & in terms negotiations.  As a result, my team have delivered strong double-digit net margin improvements year in year and secured volume driving initiatives & strategic partnerships that represented a phenomenal ROI.  I would absolutely recommend Paul Nyman to arrange sales training for you.  There is a full suite of modules to target all key areas of Account Management, and I look forward to developing long term training & development plans with them in the future to keep my team motivated & engaged, and my sales growth rolling.”

Steve Grylls - Head of Sales


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