Recruitment in a recession is tough so here is some help

If you are redundant and looking for a new role or an Internal Manager needing support we have a suite of FREE info you can use 

Recruiting in a recession

With decades of recruitment experience, we have a team with impressive numbers to their work her at Paul Nyman

*         Read over two million CVs

*         Clocked over 250,00 hr of interview time

*         Managed thousands of assignments from junior exec to CEO

 So we have real industry insights how some CVs secure and interviews and others fail.

 We also know the reason why some applicants land a role and others wont, and to help you we are publishing free handy hints and tips atlinked in  

 and You tube


So check it out – it free!

For those who want more personal support and to personally invest in securing your next role we provide tailored workshops that will enable you to maximize your opportunity of landing that next role through our one to one programs which focus on:


 1                 CV writing and creating a document to show your skills

2                 Interview preparation and how to maximize your chances in the interview

3                 Using on line media to maximize your success in the recruitment market


Call us on 01924 332 100 to discuss creating a program that will fit your budget and enable your speedy return to work


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