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About Us

Inspired by Paul Nyman, who has collated over 3 decades of recruitment experience in National European and Global Talent leadership and HR roles.

The ethos and approach of the business is to support and help those we can.  This has been created from personal experience when Paul used external recruiters to source for global talent projects and he had the big question pop up in his head:

Why am I being asked to pay a retainer fee?

So at Paul Nyman Consultancy we operate on a trust basis.  You trust your spouse, kids, mum and dad.  So for what reason would you not trust the person who is going to change your career or team?

As a result, in the last 10 years we only charged retainers in 2.4% of our assignments

We aim to work in partnership with our clients.  Where we do:

  • Retention is in excess of 8 years.              So we don’t actually recruit that often for them……..
  • CVs supplied to offers accepted = 67%       Line managers get on with other stuff
  • 84 % of offers within budget                     Other roles are not sacrificed to meet budget


Do we get it right all the time- NO – but if it isn't we put it right. Often with a year’s guarantee in as part of the long term relationship.



We recognise that we can not find everyone a role, but we can help everyone we meet.  This enables us to deliver considerable value to our clients and candidates alike across recruitment, retention through training & development or redeployment

We don’t want to be everything to everyone.  We aim to be something to someone!


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